The Right Plan Can Make Your Technology Last Without Costly Upgrades

tech upgrades

Technology can be one of the best investments any house or business can make, but upgrades and new products can generally render even the wisest tech investments obsolete within a year (or sooner). In order to prevent the endless chain of hardware upgrades, tech users can employ a few techniques to help their current tech products stay relevant for longer periods of time.

Have a Plan

Purchasing hardware based solely on price can quickly be the way to have a lot of gadgets and computers lying around the home or office. While most homes require little in the way of technology planning, having an idea of what might be expected out of a unit in the near future is a way of making sure it will not have to be replaced or worked around in a year. Routers often fall into this category, once enough wireless devices are accessing the Wi-Fi bandwidth and speed can start to falter. Often it is better to plan for expansion, than it is to purchase newer or better components or devices.


In the information age there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sources for information regarding technology products. Everything from barcode scanners, computers, tablets, routers, and much more has likely been the subject of a blog article or review. In short, users should know exactly what they are purchasing before spending any cash. The more know about the advantages and limitations of a computer or tablet PC before it gets to the house, the better the user experience will be.

Buy for the Future

Buying for the future is just another way of evaluating the purchase from a different perspective. That 320GB hard drive looks good on a £300 computer, but one year down the road after a number of sessions with that 12 megapixel camera, that drive looks a bit different. The demands of a computer system need to be flexible enough to accommodate any potential changes in needs from the user. Video and photo editing can take a lot of horsepower and high-definition video can eat up a lot of storage space, which means taking a look at what could happen down the road can save a few hundred dollars next year or next month.

Redundant Technology

Redundant technology can be one of the more frustrating issues that any tech user experiences. Really, how many devices in the house have to play Netflix? Of course, having a multiple devices that perform the same task can be an advantage, but sometimes an additional purchase or upgrade can have its value mitigated by existing technology. A new digital camera might be a nice addition, but a smartphone or tablet might already perform that task. It is impossible to avoid every piece of redundant technology, but taking the time to determine whether or not the redundancy is necessary is up to the user.